These are our stock Metal finishes.
Custom fonts, shapes, colors and metal finishes are our specialty.

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Our Stock Fonts Our Stock Colors

Our Aluminum Finishes

Aluminum - Clear anodized matte

Aluminum - Brushed matte

Aluminum - Brushed gold matte

Aluminum - Clear anodized polished

Aluminum - Brushed and polished

Aluminum - Brushed and polished gold
Aluminum - Brushed medium bronze matte
Aluminum - Brushed dark bronze matte
Aluminum - Brushed black matte
Aluminum - Medium bronze polished
Aluminum - Dark bronze polished
Aluminum - Black polished
Our Stainless Steel Finishes

Stainless - Brushed

Stainless - Polished
Our Copper Finishes

Copper - Brushed

Copper - Polished
Our Bronze Finishes

Bronze - Brushed

Bronze - Polished

Bronze - Oxidized

Bronze - Dark Oxidized

Bronze - Verde Patina

Bronze - Turquoise
Our Brass Finishes

Brass - Brushed

Brass - Polished

Brass - Oxidized

Brass - Dark Oxidized
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